Terms and conditions

  1. General:
    WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM allows you the website for public services. It gives you the platform to meet only. The negotiation between the buyers and the sellers are done outside the site, except the first inquiry email. Once the advertiser receives an inquiry from any visitor, he/she should reply to the same email as early as possible. We do not collect your information for any unlawful use. We use information provided by you through the forms to respond to your message and provide you with more information or material that you request in regards to advertisements or inquiries. We do not give, share, sell or transfer any personal information to third party unless required by law.
  2. For Visitors:
    It gives you the platform to meet the advertisers selling or renting their properties. The deal is done outside WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM. Only your inquiry request is forwarded to the said advertiser through our website. Therefore, WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM does not hold any guaranty for the product sold or rented by the advertisers. We try our best to get the best advertiser on our search list who promises to provide the correct information. The visitors are advised to make email contact through this website only and are only allowed to make telephone contacts if the advertiser does not reply to the email after two attempts. User should not indulge in any illegal activity other than the facility provided.
  3. For Advertisers:
    The advertisers are only allowed to advertise their properties in utmost good faith, they should not be deceiving in nature and WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM holds all the right to reject or approve any advertisements submitted even after the payment. WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM will not hold any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements and we do not participate in any breach of contract between the buyers and sellers or with the advertisers.

The advertisers are requested to reply to any inquiries through the site as early as possible. Failing which, we allow the visitors the access to call you on your given telephone number.

We have three home pages, the general home page which contains the paid advertising spaces. The bigger three spaces on top have different cost than the smaller ones below. To advertise on this page or for details, please Contact Us. The paid advertisements on the top three FEATURED spaces will automatically be viewed on the respective “Real Estate home page or Rental home page” on the priority basis. If any visitor views through the popularity links will also be in the priority ranking of the said page.

There are two types of paid advertisements, Featured 1, 2 and 3 for a nominal additional charge higher that the Weighted advertisements on the general home page. Weighted advertisements are on the same page just below the featured ones, there are ten weighted advertisement spaces at lower charges than the featured ones. Once the advertisement term expires, the property image will be pushed back with the normal advertisements. For any inquiries relating to the home page paid advertisement please Contact Us.

  1. End of Advertisement
    An advertisement will come to an end when the selected plan expires. The advertisement will be removed from the listing and can be re-advertised after the selected payment. In case of Featured and Weighted advertisement the rule remains the same. Once the advertising tenure expires from the selected plan, it will be removed from the allocated position of the home page. However, it will remain on the general listings if the chosen plan is valid. Any advertisement violating the advertisement policy mentioned above can be terminated by us without refund. However, we will give you two warnings to either change images or text, after which the company holds the right to terminate the advertisement.
  2. Safe and secure
    We are SSL certified web site. The entire site is secured hence your information are secured too. You need not worry about your information with us. As mentioned earlier we do not misuse your information unless demanded by government for legal inquiry. Payment on our site too is safe as we are shielded by CA Company.
  3. Up gradation of web site
    We will always try to give you the best of the services through our web site. There fore we reserve the right to upgrade the site any time we wish to. However, the current user will not be affected in terms of plan or policies that they have enrolled with. Our area of up gradation will be to add better option than existing ones. These terms can also be modified in accordance with the time and situation for the good of WWW.DUBAIAPARTMENTFORSALE.COM, hence your continuation with the website will be deemed acceptable with any changes.
  4. Self awareness
    Third party internet site and services has separate policies which are beyond our control and you should be careful while working on any website. You should solely understand and react on them. Be aware of the fraudulent emails or inquiry sent to you. To learn more about internet fraud click on www.internetfraud.usdoj.gov .